About SEMEX Plastmaskiner

About us

Who we are

SEMEX Plastmaskiner was founded in 1973 by Søren Enevoldsen. The
company’s idea, then as now, was to be able to offer production equipment
for the plastics industry. From the start, we have had our primary focus on
being able to deliver within all types of machines for plastic processing.
We buy and sell used machines for injection moulding, bottle blowing,
extrusion, thermoforming, regeneration and all equipment linked to these
forms of production. In addition, we have a number of agencies within
auxiliary equipment.
Our experience within the industry is wide-ranging and therefore we also
offer other services, such as assessments of operating assets, advice in
major projects, help with generational change and other advice.
Used equipment is most often bought in Scandinavia and sold to all parts of
the world. In this way, we help to renew the industry in Scandinavia, at the
same time as we help other countries in the world to upgrade production

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